American Style Home Design

American Style Home Design is a broad term that covers a wide range of architectural styles from across the country. Some of these are traditional, while others reflect the regional culture of America. The most popular house styles have a common element: they represent the way American families live.

Whether you’re building your dream house or simply want to update an existing space, here are some of the most common American style homes:

Ranch houses

This is the most popular type of home in the US and can be found anywhere from large cities to suburban areas. They typically have single-floor layouts, low roof lines, and a focus on casual living spaces such as the kitchen and great rooms.

Cape Cod cottages

These coastal designs have a tough skin and are built with sturdy materials that can stand up to wind and rain. Often featuring a porch and brick or stone trim, Cape Cod homes are a popular choice in the Northeast.

French Provincial farmhouses

The French farmhouse style originated in Europe and influenced many American farmhouses. It’s a rustic design that features neutral color schemes and wood accents. These farmhouses can be used as either a single-family or multi-family home.

Prairie-style architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright founded Prairie-style architecture in 1900, a move away from the Victorian styles of the time. He believed that the elaborate styles of that era were too overpowering, and his homes mimicked the flat midwestern landscape with a focus on simplicity.

Why It’s Cool: Using elements such as horizontal lines, hipped roofs with broad eaves, windows assembled in horizontal bands, and restrained craftsmanship details, Prairie-style homes have been an iconic architectural style for over 100 years.

Colonial & Greek Revival homes

Aesthetically, colonial era houses are often two stories tall with a dedicated fireplace and beautiful stone or brick facades. They also feature asymmetrical floor plans and narrow stairwells.

Traditional style house plans

Traditional house plans are a mix of several different architectural styles over the years, but they always maintain a family-friendly layout. These floor plans feature large, open spaces with multiple gathering areas that can easily be converted into formal spaces for entertaining.

American-style homes are versatile, and they allow you to express your personal style without sacrificing comfort. They’re easy to maintain, and you can switch up your decor in a snap, which is perfect for those who are moving or planning a remodel.

Adaptable for all lifestyles

With Baby Boomers aging and more seniors living with their children, it’s more important than ever to design a home that can adapt to the needs of your family. New American homes are designed to accommodate multi-generational lifestyles with a variety of social areas around private living spaces.

The living room in American style usually has a large open kitchen-dining-living space that is ideal for a family with young children. In this area, you can cook meals for your loved ones and hang out with them in peace and quiet.